La Cantinetta

Tasting of Typical Dishes of Lucca Cuisine

On the ground floor of the farmhouse, west side, you can find “La Cantinetta” where,  both people staying in the accommodation and external customers, can taste the typical dishes of the Lucca hills.

Here in the characteristic atmosphere of the old kitchens of the area you can eat the famous Tuscan appetizers, cold meets, cheese, focaccine and a mixed crostini, main courses like the well known “zuppa alla frantoiana”, “tordelli lucchesi”, macaroni with porcini mushrooms, risotto with wild asparagus, and many other dishes that the cook Gabriella Pucci cooks upon request.

Second courses ranging from classic roasts veal, roasts of beef, pork baked ham, rabbit, chicken these last two are also tasty fried, game with polenta, sliced meat with aromatic erbs, with mushrooms and as last dish of this list, but surely the most characteristic one, the well known “rovelline lucchesi”.

Lets not forget desserts which are made  exclusively at home. All seasoned with excellent olive oil, and washed down with a delicious wine, both produced from the farm.

“La Cantinetta” is divided into a laboratory used for the preparation of the dishes, a  room where there is a small museum of farm tools belonging to the family carefully hung from the rafters of the ceiling and a warm veranda that both in winter and summer it turns into a romantic outdoor room, also, we have an outdoor area ideal for lunch and dinner in spring and summer where the eye can not help but fall to watch a breathtaking panorama.

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